Sprinkler Head / Sprinkler upright / Sprinkler pendent / side wall

Glass Bulb

Glass Bulb Dry Pendent Type Sprinkler HeadDry Sprinklers are thermo sensitive glass bulb spry sprinklers which are suitable for freezing areas. When firing, the heat-sensitive liquid in the bulb expands, and breaks the glass, it makes the plunger to open the waterway.

Pendent Type

Glass Bulb Pendent Type Sprinkler Head

Side Wall Type

Glass Bulb Side Wall Type Sprinkler Head

When the ambient temperature increases due to the firing heat, the sprinkler head emits the fire-distinguishing water by breaking of glass-bulb due to the expansion of heat expansion liquid ( Glycerine or ether mixtures )

Glass Bulb Quick Response Type Sprinkler Head

Quick Response Type

Quick Response sprinklers are designed for discharging water much faster than standard sprinklers at the same temperature rating. When firing, the heat-sensitive liquid in the bulb expands and breaks the glass then water is discharged.

Fusible Link

The low melting point alloy, which main component is lead, is used.
When firing, the ambient temperature increases by heat and the alloy fuse is melting and dismantling. Because of nice appearance, this fusible link round type sprinkler head is widely used in apartments and office studios.

Round Type

Fusible Link Round Type Sprinkler Head

Flush Type

Fusible Link Flush Type Sprinkler Head

Quick Response

Fusible Link Quick Response Flush Type Sprinkler Head

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