Flexible Sprinkler Hose 1800mm 20A 14k/cm2 ( Daejin)

Model: DJ25UB-1800

Type; Unbraid

Hose: Type Unbraid Inox.

Lenght : 1800mm

Pressure: 14kg/cm2.

New sprinkler hose related reducer / nipple assembly Permissible torque: 300 kgf.cm.

Summary of pressure loss & equivalent length for1800 mm flexible hose with one 90° bend and
terminated in a ½” outlet reducer

Made in : Daejin Sanup Co ( VietNam / Korea).

Dây mềm không vỏ bện Inox 1800mm nối Sprinkler
Daejin Flexible Sprinkler Hose 1800mm – UL/LPcb – 14bar