Flexible Sprinkler hose 15A 14kg/cm2 UL /LPCB

Length : 700mm

Hose type: Unbraided

Model : DJ25UB-700.

Rated Pressure, psig : 200psi,

Type: Unbraid

Nom. Inlet by Outlet Size, in: 1×3/4 , 1×1/2, 

New sprinkler hose related reducer / nipple assembly Permissible torque: 300 kgf.cm

Made in: Daejin Sanup Co.,ltd.

Chứng nhận UL cho hãng Daejin tại Việt Nam
Cetification UL for Daejin Flexible Sprinkler hose
  • American Society for Testing and Methods (ASTM)

    ASTM C635sound absorption tile rail panel ceiling metal suspension System-Related Manufacturing, Testing, and Specification

    ASTM C636Hinged Tile Rail Panel for Metal Suspension System Specification for installation of ceiling structure

    • International Building Code (IBC) Section 1621 /
      American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) &
      Alternative solutions that can be installed without earthquake evacuation New sprinkler connection piping
    Dây mềm nó sprinkler hãng Daejin dài 1200mm-
    Flexible Sprinkler Hose 15A – 12bar Daejin Sanup CO
  • National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)

    NFPA 13Specification of new sprinkler piping and its accessories for firefighting service

    NFPA 13DHan / Two Family Residential Facilities and Manufacturing Plant Sprinkler System Installation Specification

    NFPA 13R4 or above residential building sprinkler system installation standard

    NFPA 13
    Section more than 6 feet long without hangers Installation of flexible connection piping

  • Underwriter’s Laboratories, Inc. (UL/ULC), cUL us 2443Specification of new sprinkler piping and its accessories for fire safety service.
  • Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB)Sprinkler system expansion and contraction test specification
Chứng nhận LPCB cho ống mềm Daejin
Flexible Sprinkler hose ( LPCB cetification) – Daejin
  • Ống mềm kết nối Sprinkler / được dán tem kiểm định PCCC năm 2021
  • Ống mềm kết nối Sprinkler DN15 quay xuống chữa cháy / Có kiểm định PCCC theo nghị định 136
  • Ống mềm dành cho đầu phun chữa cháy Dn20 dài 1000mm áp lực 200psi / sản xuất Việt nam/ Có dán tem kiểm định PCCC