SP – JOINT for Domestic Flexible Sprinkler Drops

Improved expansion and contraction piping for sprinklers in the DAEJIN INDUSTRIAL CO. makes it easy to install even non-skilled workers. In terms of efficiency and price, we are supplying cheaper and more robust quality than existing piping methods.
DAEJIN INDUSTRIAL CO. has obtained the performance certification from The Korea Fire Institute by the performance test technical standard (Notice of Ministry of Emission and Fire Service) and supplies SP-JOINT with inspection certificate marked with certification mark for each individual product.

  • EconomicQuick and easy Installation even for unskilled workers.
  • InstallationEasy and convenient installation even in narrow ceiling spaceIt is easy to install even in a narrow space with many obstacles such as ducts.
  • ConvenienceThe existing steel piping system is complicated and difficult construction environment due to screw joint and welded joint. However, SP-joint of DAEJIN INDUSTRIAL CO. manufactures and supplies the product length according to the installation location, so it is very convenient to install during piping work
  • Work FinishSP-JOINT is easy to adjust the top, bottom, left and right dimensions of the ceiling and sprinkler head at the bracket installation position and the ceiling finishing work is precisely adjusted, so installation work is beautiful

SP-JOINT is divided into a tubular type and a warm-keeping type, and it is classified into a screw type and a gear type according to the vertical adjustment method of the bracket. Especially apartment fire-fighting equipment has screw type bracket and high-level bracket which is one step ahead of construction work. The elbow bracket is easy to install even for unskilled workers. It is an excellent product with various effects such as castability and shortening of construction period.

Linear type

  • tubular type

    It has a flexible crease with corrosion resistant stainless material and is the most economical product with exposed flexible parts.

  • warm-keeping type

    It is an economical product which can shorten the construction period by inserting the insulation material in the flexible part, eliminating the need for thermal insulation during installation.

SP-JOINT Component Construction
1 Reducer SS400 1PCS
2 Nut S10C 2PCS
3 Flexible Tube STS304 1PCS
4 O-Ring NBR 2PCS
5 Isolation Ring NYLON66 2PCS
6 Square Bar SS400 1PCS
7 Bracket SS400 1PCS
8 Nipple SS400 1PCS
Standard length
NO 700 1000 1200 1500 2000 2500 3000
L 550 850 1050 1350 1850 2500 2850
L1 700 1000 1200 1500 2000 2500 3000