Daejin’s brackets are very easy and simple to install with flexible sprinkler joints to suspended ceiling.
Its open cap design of center bracket solves all the problems which arise installing flexible sprinkler joints to ceiling.
1. Connect the branch line connection nipple to the branch line
2. Connect the nut of the flexible hose to the branch line connection nipple
3. Tighten the nut of the flexible hose to the reducing nipple
4. Assemble two end brackets and a center bracket to a square bar.
Place two end brackets to the aimed position of the rails of suspended ceiling properly and tighten wing nuts to a torque of 20-25

5. Locate the center bracket to a desired position of the square bar and join the reducing nipple to the center bracket. Tighten the nut to a torque of 20-30
6. Join a sprinkler to the reducing nipple of the flexible hose.
The sprinkler can be installed to the reducing nipple on the floor in advance.


Technical Data

Temperature225 oF
Working pressure175 psi
Maximum Bend Radius4″ (UL type), 8″ (FM type)
K-Factor1/2″ Outlet5.6 gpm
3/4″ Outlet11.2gpm(UL), 8.0gpm(FM)

Friction Loss Data

LenghtNominal Inlet by Outlet Size, in.Assembly Length, (units)Max No. of 90° BendsMax Bend Radius, (units)Equivalent Length of 1 in. Schedule 40 Steel Pipe (C=120), ft
7001/2″, 3/4″700UL(1), FM(1)100UL type (24, 30), FM type (17.9, 14.4)
10001/2″, 3/4″1000UL(2), FM(1)100UL type (44, 48), FM type (22.2, 18.3)
12001/2″, 3/4″1200UL(2), FM(4)100UL type (49, 55), FM type (37.0, 32.8)
15001/2″, 3/4″1500UL(2), FM(4)100UL type (59, 64), FM type (45.5, 43.2)
18001/2″, 3/4″1800UL(3), FM(5)100UL type (84, 86), FM type (63.0, 58.7)


Length700, 1000, 1200, 1500, 1800mm
Reducing nipple Dia1/2″, 3/4″ NPT or BSPT (Straight or 90 degree elbow)
TypeUnbraidedUL certificate
Braided (ø 26.8)UL and FM approval
Braided (ø 28)FM approved