DJ25B (Braided Type) – Flexible Sprinkler Drop

DJ25B(Braided Type)

DJ25B(Braided Type)


This is the basic type made by Daejin Industry, and is classified as braided or unbraided, depending on the presence of a network. Its length ranges from 400mm to 3000mm.

01ReducerSUS304 AL1 PC
02nutSS41 AL2 PCS
03Flexible tubeSS3041 PC
040-ringNBR2 PCS
05IsolationNYLON 662 PCS
06BarSS 411 PC
07BracketSS 411 PC
08Bracket nutSS 411 PC
09NippleSS 41 AL1 PC
10Braind1 PC

Any requested size can be made as Customers ask.


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